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Help Needed in Deciding to Pursue or Not... Large lot of telephones and parts

Started by Nick in Manitou, March 26, 2018, 09:06:19 PM

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Nick in Manitou

Cliff Sullivan, of the Phoenix area has just purchased the whole lot. (Cliff sells on eBay under "Celnout".) I asked if he minded my letting the folks on the forum know that he was the purchaser and he said that would be fine.

I sold only a very small percentage of the old stuff during my brief ownership. I had a great time digging through the stuff and learning. I sold enough of the newer items that, combined with final sale price, I about broke even. I even kept a few phones!

Thanks to everyone for their support and good wishes - and a lot of good information!

Breadwinner-wife has a good offer in the works and is doing some consulting in the interim! The house looks good and officially goes on the open market next week. We are looking forward to the next adventure!

It sure is going to weird, going into the garage in a few days after Cliff gets all that stuff trucked away, and not seeing all those great phones - and those boxes containing mysteries!  (Just a couple days ago I opened a box wondering what it contained, and found still more AE40s and a nice WE 'stick with a #2 dial! Attaching a photo just for fun.)


Doug Rose


Nick in Manitou

Thanks, Doug.

As my wife said, it is bitter sweet.  It sure was fun, and I learned a lot...but the timing was not great.

Would I do it bet!



Glad to hear you broke even & got some phones out of the deal to boot. Hope your next adventure works out well.

Nick in Manitou

Cliff Sullivan is the fellow who purchased the lot from me. He is in the phones and parts business and it seems that he knows a number of the folks here.  I asked if he would want me to post his email address on the forum and he requested that I do.

So if you want to contact Cliff his email is:

I did hold on to the AE40s without the indentations and a few other phones - and the Navy Galion was sold - but most of what was discussed in this thread now resides with Cliff.