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Examples of reproduction/fake candlesticks and parts

Started by Sargeguy, November 04, 2012, 09:31:04 AM

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This web link will take you to a web site that provides an overview of fake or reproduction British candlestick telephones, and what to look for in order to identify them.

Link :

Jeff Lamb


The ones made with GPO co-operation were to celebrate the Century of the Telephone and were made by Telephone Lines, then of Cheltenham.

A lot come from India but again they are all brass and marked GEC.  The 24C dial usually gives those away, but they could have been changed for a British one at some point.


the rec has a crease and is brass Orig has hard rubber coating over  brass and a smooth curve.Brass body and stem and dial are replacements.Hook out of alignment .Difficult to do this on an origionl with out total dismantling.Cant see well in photos but any markings on the lug assy hex cap nuts, not slotted


1. Base should be painted steel and not brass.
2. Receiver shape looks wrong - the end should flare-out smoothly, not with a distinct starting point.
3. Solid-back transmitter looks too deep and has no markings.
4. Receiver cord is wrong - should be thin 2-core twist (but these are often changed).
5. Dial should be No 10 or earlier (it's a No 12), but again these often get changed.
6. Nut holding the transmitter is brass - originals were steel.


Thanks all. I got it right then, yay (and phew) - I'm learning!  :D

The things I spotted that pointed towards it being a replica were brass, not steel as its base metal (the Ebonite could have worn away). No slots on hinge nut, wrong shape receiver, and no numbers or other marking to top of stem assembly.

Thanks for the additional info guys, some good pointers on your replies that I would not have known to look for.

I thought some darn good touches there though to try and make it look older than it is inc the GPO dial, the old frayed cords, the 'patina', and the broken wall attachment.

Sold for £51 plus £8 shipping, 6 bids, 12 watchers.

If anyone else gets the time to set one of these 'Original or Replica' tests on here I think they might be a good learning curve for some of us (me), and very handy as a future reference. Nice and easy to find too, all on this one website.  :)
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Quote from: FabPhones on June 12, 2018, 04:59:09 PM
Sold for £51 plus £8 shipping, 6 bids, 12 watchers.

Somebody definitely over paid for that. If you put it in an antiques centre and were honest about it being an early replica, it would be worth about £20 - £25 and about £10 of that would be for the dial.
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I purchased a fake about 5 years ago. But converted it to all WE parts. So I'll just wait until an empty shell shows up some day. In the mean time I did find this website.


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