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and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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Started by Telefon, October 10, 2021, 07:47:24 PM

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Hello from Alabama. The handle is from a Charles Bronson movie, which I'm sure some of you have seen.
I have a few old WE phones like the ones I grew up with. My current favorite is the 554, of which I have three.


Hi there and welcome to CRPF.

Lots of info re your telephones to be found here, simply type the model numbers into the search option (above) or post your questions - we have plenty of knowledgeable members who will try to help.

...and remember we like photos!

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Btw I'm using my rotary phones on Google Voice via obi200 thence an Xlink BTTN. The Xlink will easily ring several old WE phones at the same time.