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Bob's collection

Started by Bob S, February 25, 2019, 06:48:36 AM

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Bob S

Hi I had a couple of these phones for about 20 years the 20AL and the wood wall phone the rest of the phones in the last 6 months really addicted to collecting. I Like the pre 50s Phone the odd shaped heavy old phones most of my phones are metal. Hopping to add a WE Pay Phone with Stan's coin controller to it. By next year. I have a Panasonic KX-TA824 with 6 Co line witch three of them are used and 16 extensions expandable to 24.  As I am getting the funds and organized I am hooking them all up   
Phone that I am presently looking for are. If you have a spare of one of these. Let me know. and Maybe I can afford it.
WE 3 slot pay Phone
Connecticut Electric TP-6A  Signal Corps
Automatic Electric AE-50 Monophone
Kellogg 700,725,900,1000,1040
Stromberg Carlson 1177,1178,1179,1191,11981212



Very have a nice looking ash of my favorite style phones....

I think you have the bug!

Panasonic 308/616 Magicjack service


A top notch collection. Thanks for sharing.

Scott K.

Doug Rose

Nice group of phones Bob......Doug



Looking a little closer to your collection (thus far...). I see a lot of my collection there. I try to get at least one and hopefully several from each decade. I'm trying to document, as best I can, over a century of telephony. It's a lot of fun and looks like you are well on your way. Keep us posted, we like pictures. :D

Panasonic 308/616 Magicjack service


I liie the way you mounted the PBX and sockets on a board. I've done almost exactly the same thing.
Call me on C*net 0246 81 290 from the UK
or (+44) 246 81 290 from the rest of the world.

For telephone videos search Andys Shed on Youtube.


I see nice phones - and some extra nice phones!
Thanks for sharing.
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Bob S

Added Phones March 2019

Bob S

Added to collection Stromberg Carlson 1212 Fat Boy and Western Electric 197G Picture coming later after I get the controller and mountrd

Bob S

Bought A WECo 197G just Finished 5/10/19 I have hooked up to a Stans controller and a Xlink Works just like stan said. My pride and joy.


Quote from: Bob S on July 15, 2020, 08:55:28 AM
Just finished adding these to my collection. A Western Electric 7J An AE 34 AE 35  Ae 34-A9 pay phone a Gray 50 G plus some others

Straightened up your pictures.

Bob S

top picture AE 34 Desk Phone and Wall Phones AE-35  AE-50  WE101 Space savor and Kellogg 1100 3rd picture is a Western Electric With Protel 8500 And an Ascension Payphone 4th Picture is left to right a 1st Gray WE 50G 2nd WE J7 with 533 Hotel phone 3rd NE2236QC 4th payphone AE 72-55 5th LPB 82-55
6th NE 236G 5th picture left to right is a AE type 61 WE 197G and Gray 34-A9


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Very impressive, but the last chrome three slot, the receiver is upside down.. Lol.