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Modern times, I bought a new ceramic cooktop yesterday

Started by dsk, September 03, 2009, 06:17:29 AM

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The new cooktop from Ikea was delivered without an installation manual, witch gave me the idea to the document under. :)

The cooktop I describe differs in some mattes from the Ikea version.


How does the ceramik cook top work?
   ( dead link 03-24-22 )


It may take some time to open this link, so you may use your time to guess what other items I collect than telephones.  ::)



That's interesting, I've not seen one of these before and realized that was what I was seeing.  You look to be an antique lamp collector as well.   We have a glass cooktop for our stove, but I'm assuming that it's not the same as your ceramic. 


DSK that's a great presentation!  I especially like the pilot light. ;D


Thats why I go for the more easy to use 3 burner Coleman stove  :)

Nick in Manitou


That cooktop will even work if electric power fails. Great modern technology!


That reminds me of the Clampett family's approach to modern conveniences in The Beverly Hillbillies.  :D
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