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and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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Recordings and songs that refer to a phone.

Started by Greg G., March 26, 2010, 05:05:20 AM

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My first thought was 'Telephone Line' by ELO but saw that was already mentioned a couple of times, so here's mine:

853-5937 by Squeeze (contains some old film footage of operators and vintage phones):


Greg G.

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electric al

  Lonesome 77 203  Hawkshaw Hawkins !

Many years ago when I used to play in a country band , this was one of the songs I sang !

I was not the lead singer , just the bass player !
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Ansaphone by Pulp.  A bit obscure as it was a B-side on one version of the CD-Single of Disco 2000:

Sex Talk by T'Pau:

Landslide of Love by Transvision Vamp:

A New England by Kirsty MacColl:

Ring, Ring by Mika:

Fushigi Ojisan

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Couldn't find an anime song on short notice, but apparently there is a Japanese schoolkids telephone song sung to "London Bridge is Falling Down" with the following lyrics  (note:  the "u"  at the end of a word is silent)

Moshi moshii ano ne
ano ne
ano ne
moshi moshi ano ne
ah so desu ka.

Chotto matte kudasai
chotto matte kudasai
ah so desu ka.

Arigato gosaimasu
arigato gosaimasu
ah so desu ka.

Props to these guys
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F. J.

A telephone-related Christmas novelty song:
"Hello, Mr. Kringle" by Kay Kyser and his Orchestra, 1939

Fushigi Ojisan

Went to visit my older brother, and found this song in his folder of Christmas songs on his computer!

Was going to post it, but you beat me to it.

Its interesting how the old 78s have a different tone than the later 45s.
Fushigi Ojisan
Otaku with interesting hobbies

F. J.

Here are some telephone-related songs that I don't think anyone else has posted:
"Waitin' for a Call from You" by 'Roy Carroll' and His Sands Point Orchestra, 1931
(really just one of the many aliases of the Ben Selvin orchestra)
"I Must See Annie Tonight" by Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians, 1938
"You Ain't Got My Number Anymore" by Brad King and his Dude Ranch Gang, 1949
"Come Together" by The Beatles, 1969
None of the lyrics really have anything to do with telephones, but there is a riff throughout that's reminiscent of a rotary dial.
"Come On Phone" by Jean Shepard, 1973


'Days of Pearly Spencer' by David McWilliams. 1967.

A phone features prominently in the promo video and the 'low tech' vocal effect heard during the song was added via phone call - David made a call to the recording studio which was recorded and became part of this iconic tune:

Haunting song, love the guitar (and all the strings), great vocals.
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