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When were ATT markings used instead of WE (here on two gray 2554's branded ATT)

Started by allnumbedup, July 05, 2021, 12:37:09 AM

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I purchased a set of two working 2554's on ebay:

they were $38 including shipping minus a $5 refund for a broken volume tab on the one.

Both phones were professionally painted light gray.  One of the handsets has a WE logo and the other ATT, both painted and dated on the handsets and elements 1980 and 1981. One of these phones has a base with a modular conversion back plate, the other has a modular back (the bases are late 1970's).  Of note, the WE type date circle on these two ATT branded cases (or maybe the molds that made them) were obliterated. Both have similar hand marks inside and the inside is not thoroughly painted gray. I can find no CS markings on these phones.

Is there a date range for ATT branded phones prior to 1984?  Then how long was "ATT" used for phone branding ?

Could these have been painted and created from parts in production or more likely by a refurbishing company or end user? 

thanks JC
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Housings and handsets were marked AT&T by early 1984. Late '82 - late '83 were marked Western Electric but included a small Bell symbol. These were American Bell sets (black sticker on bottom).

After 1-1-84, AT&T Technologies could no longer use the Bell name or the Bell symbol. An exception was mafe for refurbished sets from the AT&T Service Centers. However, at some point before 1994,the paint shops at the Service Centers were closed. Perhaps it was cheaper to buy new "AT&T" housings made in China.

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