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Help with American Electric Desk Stand

Started by phonetech87, May 25, 2020, 03:53:10 PM

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I have had this item for a while and I am hoping to have it painted/refurbished and put it on display.

Three question;

What type/brand of receiver was used with this telephone?

Second, where can I get the American Electric STICKER or a reproduction of?

Last, was the non painted parts brushed copper, nickel, etc. for final display.

If you have a photo of one in your collection please share.

Thank You
Ben Salem


My Am Elect set has a rec marked Patent applied for dec 4 1900  may 16 1899  on the hang up end and  American Electric Company  Chicago on the cap.The non painted black parts were plated nickel. There was an older rec marked Burns Patent but it is expensive. There is a photo of my set under Keystone