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Gray Western Paystation #18B 25 Key

Started by robert_m, February 03, 2019, 02:57:57 AM

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For those in need of 18B25 keys typically the back lock, I can reproduce them, if your lock is 18B and a difrent number, and you have a working lock & key, I would need lock and key to replicate it, and i would do it at no charge so i can build the 18Bs' I dont have, as im sure theres more than just the 25 key.  PM Me.

I've striggled to get a copy on the one i have so i had a spare so invested many thousands of dollars in equipment and blanks that will work in the 18B lock, and have sucessfully cut 10 18B25 already, price for 18B25 is 55.00 shipped in continential US only.


Sorry Price is wrong, its 30.00 shipped first class, or 40.00 priority mail.