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Norstar 6x16

Started by DavePEI, September 14, 2015, 10:17:26 PM

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I have been using a Norstar 6x16 as the Museum's main system for about 10 years.

I have another Norstar 6x16 KSU on its way to act as a backup for the 6x16 system in the museum, along with ifs BIX (Building Industry Cross-connect) blocks, a punch down system pioneered by Nortel. The price is right - I pay only postage from Ontario, thanks to Michael Hartrick, who used to use it in his office. Another item saved from the landfill.

6x16s are very easy to install. The 25 pair cable from the KSU connects to a BIX block. The first 16 pairs are for the stations, 1-16, then the violet-orange pair is for Page Signal (direct), violet-green for paging equipment (relay contact), then violet-brown for aux. ringer, and finally violet-slate for external music. The incoming lines connect to RJ-11 jacks on the left side. A power out jack is provided on the lower right side of the KSU for a standard phone which can be used if power fails. All other phones without the use of an ATA must be Nortel digital Meridian phones. An  ATA allows the use of a standard phone on the line it is installed on.

If you ever install one, never remove or install the programming cartridge with the power on. The cartridge has to be removed during installation since one of the three KSU mounting screws is under it.

I have had my current 616 system running 24 hours a day, summer and winter for over 10 years without a hiccough, but I wanted to have this one as a backup in case of any future problems with the unit.

The only other thing worth mentioning, is if using BIX blocks, you must have a BIX punch-down tool. If you don't (I do), you can use a 66 block to make these connections with bridging clips between the two sides of the block, which can be useful if diagnosing line problems.

These were a very popular office system, and full installation and programming manuals are readily downloadable at many locations on the net.
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