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Started by FABphones, July 01, 2022, 04:09:52 PM

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CRPF Caption Challenge

Study the attached image and think up a witty clever caption that makes you chuckle.

There are no winners, no losers, no prizes, just a bit of telephonic fun for all CRPF members to share and take part in.

Caption Challenge Rules:
- Think up a witty, clever, caption that makes you chuckle in 20 words or less
- Remember folks, CRPF is a family friendly site:
your caption must not be lewd, obscene, disparaging, defamatory, libellous,
or in any way inappropriate, offensive or objectionable
- Multiple captions are allowed
- Caption replies only please

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Join in the fun !!!
Add your caption below........  :D
A collector of  'Monochrome Phones with Sepia Tones'   ...and a Duck!
Vintage Phones - 10% man made, 90% Tribble


What came first, the telemarketer or the ...............

Jim Stettler

Your car warranty is about to expire...
You live, You learn,
You die, you forget it all.


Hullo? I'm calling from MicroCroft, your Scooter has a bug on it...
A collector of  'Monochrome Phones with Sepia Tones'   ...and a Duck!
Vintage Phones - 10% man made, 90% Tribble


...So that's Jot 'Em Down in the fifth at belmont, good, thanks! Hello! Name your race, swayback to show 4th race at Hialeah, thanks! Etc.
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
— Arthur C. Clarke


Hi, this is the IRS asking for your personal information . . .

Good morning, we've just noticed your computer has been infected and we . . .

Hope all is well with you, due to the recent hurricane, our charity is collecting funds for  . . .

Good news, you just won the lottery and all we need is your personal bank number, date of birth and  . . .

We're calling to tell you your uncle has been taken prisoner in Wirstistan and they demanding a lot of money which we hope you are able to send to us right away  .  .  . 

This is the security department of you bank and we would like to verify an attempt made on your account, all we need is your account number, birthday, mother's maiden name and  . . .

This is your internet provider calling, there was an attack on your account and we need your login name and password to check into this  . . .

We are calling to let you know your medical insurance was been rejected by your doctor and are asking for your account number and birth date to resume coverage of  . . . 

Hello, your recent purchase charged to your credit card did not go through and we need your bank and card information to  . . . 

You have inherited several millions of dollars left to you buy the eldest son of a King in Wirstistan and need your bank account and birth date to transfer the funds to . . .


Alfalfa got so famous he had to hire a team just to answer all his incoming offers.

(This is a reference to the long running children's show "Our Gang / The little Rascals")


Tech support for the cellphone provider.
Although, I do believe these kids would do a better job.