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Are These Division 254 (Stored Program Control) Documents Or Something Else?

Started by segaloco, January 06, 2024, 12:22:31 AM

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So I've been trying for a while to figure out the full code for a series of UNIX documents and found something recently that provides a clue.  The three UNIX documents I'm currently aware of professionally published before System V all bear a 700-xxx code on them.  System V stuff instead either bears 301-xxx or 341-xxx, which I've since determined are under division 254 (Stored Program Control) along with things like 3A and the 3B20D.  Where I'm stumped is trying to turn any of these up as a division 254 Bell System document bears no fruit:

700-241 - UNIX User's Manual Release 3.0
700-352 - UNIX User's Manual (3B20S) Release 4.1
700-369 - UNIX Reference Guide Release 4.0
700-524 - No. 1A ESS Switch Interrupt Analysis Handbook

The last one there is the one that I recently added and leads me to believe that there may be another division that smells of Stored Program Control or something else ESS-related that would bear this 700 subdivision that then seems to be where UNIX documents were listed until Release 5.0/System V.  I can't find a division 700 in any indices, so I suspect like the later documents, I'm really looking at a xxx-700-xxx.  What I'm hoping to do is nail this down to a division and then see if other documents in that same division and subdivision are available, as they may also bear noteworthy UNIX and/or ESS material, or at the very least perhaps offer bibliographic references for further study.

Thank you!


Quote from: segaloco on January 06, 2024, 12:22:31 AMSo I've been trying for a while to figure out the full code for a series of UNIX documents ...

There are several numbering schemes for Bell System and AT&T (post-divestiture) documents. They were created and modified over many decades (most relevant from the 1920s to 1990s).

It helps to know the dates of the documents you have or are seeking, in order to find the appropriate index references.

When collecting documents for the TCI Library, BSPs present the biggest challenge as the numbering schemes and format changed several times, and individual BSPs were issued (revised) several to many times. We separate BSPs into groups based on the numbering schemes in place at the time of publication. The index documents were frequently revised, so a topic of interest may only be found in a few issues of the index docs, so we need to collect and reference as many as possible.

Handbooks and other reference documents had their own codes (separate from BSPs), which were also revised from time-to-time.

A good general reference that includes some computer and software documents is AT&T's Documentation Guide. A 1987 copy is in the Library here:

Other issues of this document or other index docs may be needed to find all your UNIX documents.

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Good point on time frame.  The UNIX 3.0 manual is June 1980, both 4.x documents are June 1981, the 1A ESS thing is sometime 1983.

That 1987 index has helped clear up a lot for me and I'm hopeful a much earlier one will turn up someday.

Something else waiting in the wings that'll help someday is someone out there has some bibliographies from the Bell Laboratories library system around 1980-1982 that may have just what I'm looking for (as well as some other interesting PWB/UNIX docs) but he's still organizing the scanning operation.  Thanks Paul!