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Demonstrating and using your Key Telephone Sets…

Started by G-Man, February 09, 2024, 06:33:05 AM

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How to connect and use 1A2 key telephone sets is a reoccurring problem that keeps popping up on this forum.
There are a number of ways to connect to it ranging from using a simple modular to 25-pair plug adapter, or by wiring directly to terminals inside of the set.

However these methods render only limited capabilities to use and showcase your sets.

But it is still unlikely you will be able to realistically demonstrate the set's native features.

That is why a small compact KSU control unit such as those manufactured by Western Electric or ITT, is probably the best option. However these "compact" units may seem to still be rather bulky and overly technical to many telephone collecting neophytes.

The following device requires only the smallest effort to connect and use your set.

The solution maybe the following "Mini-KSU" since it's a "plug and play" unit that even though it has a very limited capacity, may still may be the solution for some who would like a more realistic display and still allow them to use their keyset as a daily driver telephone set.

It is also plug-in compatible with cellular Bluetooth adapters.

Please note that I do not have any relationship with the person who is manufacturing and selling this product.



Oh this is trouble, off to ebay for more key sets I go!