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W.E. 500 Series Set, with 425A Network, and 426A Tube, and C3A Ringer.

Started by Dan/Panther, May 24, 2010, 10:40:14 PM

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This particular model uses a C3A,  2 wire ringer. Please note polarity on L1 vs. L2.
I want to thank Bill Guerts, Jorge Amely, and Jim Stettler, for the help on this set up, it took a couple days to get it right. Everything works very well including the tube, which is a great display all in itself. If you get the chance to have a 426A working set up, remove the black paint from the 426A with a razor knife, and watch the show.

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I have a '54 WE501 (I believe but could be wrong) that has this set-up.

The ringer in these was standard ringer, the tube however was a way to provide ma' bell with the ability to put up to four phones on a line and have selective ringing. It was the original party-line from what I understand. The tube is actually the tiniest bit radioactive too. Can post pictures of the phone / tube / NOS tube in box if anyone is interested.