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sprint Protege CTX KSU

Started by bushman, April 02, 2012, 09:47:50 PM

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I  just picked up this sprint protege ctx ksu . I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this one?  I am not into it very much so if it worthless, don't feel bad about telling me so.

Thank you


I was cleaning the shop and found this again. Does anybody know anything about these  It also has a   MAT CODE 431700    model 616 digital KSU



It's a very obsolete keysystem but you certainly would not be able to tell from the prices being asked on eBay and by telephone refurbishers.

However if you assume that there are thousands of them already out there and a company does not have the money to spend on a new system, then there is a market for refurbished parts and systems.

List it on eBay at a decent price and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Sprint Protegé® 616

The Protegé 616 system is designed to provide a very cost effective communication solution to the small office/home office market. It supports up to three central office lines and eight digital keyset ports with expandability to a total of six central office lines and sixteen digital keyset ports.

The following Protegé devices are supported on the 616 system: 17-button business set, 26-button business set with LCD, analog adapter, and voice mail. With these key components, migration to larger Protegé systems is made easier and more cost effective. The Protegé Business with Display and Protégé Business without Display digital keysets are available for use on the Protegé 616 telephone system. These models make the extensive collection of features easier to use.


  • Fully digital technology for crystal clear communication.
    Flexibility to meet different telecommunication requirements and changing business needs.
    Powerful features that enhance productivity through advanced call handling capabilities.
    Advanced outbound call control to minimize cost and maximize profitability.
    Reliable and easy-to-use equipment.
Sprint Protegé® CTX


Found a manual here:

It's a hybrid system, bit more complex than a Panasonic 616, requires amphenols and punchdown blocks for its runs.


Plus an optional analogue adapter is needed for pots devices so unless it has been equipped with one it is of no use to collectors.


Thank-you for the reply's