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CRPF Award for "Worst Picture of an eBay auction item"

Started by AE_Collector, December 06, 2010, 01:33:06 AM

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Quote from: AE_Collector on May 04, 2015, 08:11:31 PM
The rotary version of the "Big Button Phone"!

This put me into "memory mode"
I remember when Southwestern Bell was pushing Touch Tone service, they had ads on TV with the concept "What if Push Buttons hadn't been invented?" And proceeded to show cases where a rotary dial was used instead of a keypad: (2 I remember) 
- Calculator
- Elevator - the elevator had a huge dial with something like 30 finger holes to "dial your floor"

I wish I had a copy on tape (couldn't find it online...).  Wouldn't be surprised if the other Baby Bells had a similar ad...

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Seller listed this 302 as a

"1940 Western Electric 302 Rotary Dial Telephone #5 Dial Pristine #`s $ Letters"

at which ends in less than two days for $26 plus $13 shipping, but no bids so far,

and with this description:  "1940 302 Western Electric Rotary Dial Telephone Number 5 Dial The Dial is marked in red 5 H 49 The dial is pristine the Number`s And Letters The Porcelain Dial Is Pristine no hair lines or cracks the dial moves smooth the Celluloid number card is pristine there is a small nick beside the finger stop The F1 Hand set is complete  and no damage The 302 has a thick Spaghetti hand set cord. The 302 will need a base cord  The Bottom plate and shoes are in good condition. Over all the 302 has lots of luster."

I wonder why? Might be a great phone but hard to tell from the photos. I got burned a few times buying phones with good pictures so this would be a black box flyer for me.

I just don't get it. All the hassle of creating a listing and having what may be a fine item and then using these photos to sell it. A reasonably good digital camera cost about the same as this phone. All in my humble opinion, of course. But, I just don't get it . . .


Quote from: TelePlay on August 24, 2015, 07:35:08 PM
Seller listed this 302 as a

"1940 Western Electric 302 Rotary Dial Telephone #5 Dial Pristine #`s $ Letters"

at which ends in less than two days for $26 plus $13 shipping, but no bids so far, . . .

Well, it didn't sell with a requested starting bid of $26 plus $13 shipping so the seller relisted it with a requested starting bid of $35.60, plus $13 shipping.   ( dead link 02-16-21 )

Same photos, go figure . . .


Great selling strategy! First, make sure nobody can see any details of the item and if it doesn't sell the first time around relist it for a higher price! Brilliant!
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Quote from: 19and41 on August 29, 2015, 06:56:04 PM
It's fuzzy logic!

And it's back as a 4th relist (original - $26.50; 1st relist - $35.60; 2nd relist - $25.60; 3rd relist - $25.60; Current listing - $21.60) at its lowest price ever but the same fuzzy pictures. I can't imagine why this phone doesn't sell . . . ( dead link 02-16-21 )


The photos are so blurry, they make the ones I took of my 5302 look clear!


Beyond the poor photography is the issue of why did the seller tear the phone apart? I would hesitate to buy it based on the fact that it's been disassembled needlessly. Who knows what the buyer will end up with.
What a shame.
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I agree with you.  When I sold my 5302, the only parts I took out were the handset elements.  I did, however, show pictures of the insides of the phone.  I didn't disassemble it like this seller did.  The way I did it was the way a lot of sellers were doing it at the time.  I think the way I did it was the right way to do it.  I can understand your hesitation to buy from this seller.  Will he be able to put it back together right or will he ship me a bunch of parts?


Another contribution from a frequent flyer on this thread. Turned out to be a very nice 20-B converted to a 20AL. First image is supposed to show the 20AL punch on the front of the solid perch. Turned out to be a very nice phone with an excellent 1904 side screw base.

Bought the other 20-B he had listed and got both for about $180 including shipping. Photos on second 20-B were so poor they didn't indicate a trip to ye old lamp-maker. Receiver was in great shape other than the coat of GOLD PAINT. I spent several hours getting that darn paint removed. Perch wasn't ground down and it will make a nice phone. Perch, transmitter face plate and switch hook are plated. Best original nickel I've seen in a while.

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My favorite in this thread is Terry's "Time Tunnel", which started out the thread. Then Briny found the Warner Brothers Loony Tunes Logo which is a near perfect match! It is amazing what can come through a worm hole, even Bugs bunny!

That one was a classic!
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Great pictures Zaphod01. As we know, EBay is all about good marketing!

And yes, that Time Tunnel picture still makes me laugh every time I see it Dave. I saw that picture on ebay years ago and instantly thought "Time for a new topic on CRPF"!



Quote from: zaphod01 on January 18, 2015, 06:24:12 AM
Notice the upside down BS button in the upper right hand corner.

I think I would have edited that out...
Haha, I have that exact button! Very useful for BS ads on the Internet :)


This one probably takes the cake as 'relevant but least informative';
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