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CRPF Award for "Worst Picture of an eBay auction item"

Started by AE_Collector, December 06, 2010, 01:33:06 AM

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It never ceases to amaze me how many different and unique models Nortel produced over the years. I hadn't seen that one before!



And then there is the ever popular F1...

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Quote from: AE_Collector on July 14, 2013, 10:45:11 AMIt never ceases to amaze me how many different and unique models Nortel produced over the years. I hadn't seen that one before!

That would be the vintage, very rare and hard to find "Pinecone Phone Home" stealth model used in the deep northern woods for undercover work by plastic and bland potato head operatives, right?   8)


Here is another, an auction for
"vintage telephone shoulder rest Phone-Ease white UNC with Original Box"
Even states in the decription
"see photos for condition"  ( dead link 02-15-21 )
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Tell him you would like to see the item and they should probably get their driveway fixed. hahaha



This one that is right up there . . . Top 10 maybe?  ( dead link 02-15-21 )

And what a phone, to boot! Seller says it's a "Blue and green monkey wall phone from justice."

If I saw that on my carpet, I'd step on it . . . :D


great photo, but doesn't quite match the description ............

Two Black Antique Rotary Telephones Western Electric F1 and AT&T RM500DM. Phone.For sale is are two antique telephones. A Western Electric F1 rotary telephone, and an RM500 DM. Both are in excellent cosmetic condition and great working order.US $65.00 buy it now

ebay link.....  ( dead link 02-15-21 )


Don't think you are allowed to buy/sell/import/export turtles in North America are you? He could be in big trouble!



It's not the worst picture, sort of, but it's the lighting they used to take the picture that amazed me in this eBay listing.

They could have at least pulled up the window blinds, ya think?  ( dead link 02-15-21 )

It's a reasonably (?) priced "G-Tel Model 707 Coin" telephone at $20 bid and $30 BIN (plus $18 in shipping).


I just don't understand some sellers. They are asking $220 BIN plus $24.55 in shipping for this phone. They pay to list it on eBay and take the time to create the listing with 7 photos. And then they use this photo as the main listing photo to present the phone to the buying public. The other 6 photos provided aren't much better and the crack on the receiver is still visible.  ( dead link 02-15-21 )


obviously, an image like this is not serious for a seller. Probably that the seller knows for the crack on the receiver and he does not want that we see this crack..sorry for my English ;)

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Maybe he purposely blurred the picture with photoshop to try to obscure that crack.


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Even in the blurry picture, the crack shows.  Just say no!
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Here's an interesting entry into this topic  :D to start the New Year off. This listing was about 4 1/2 hours old when I found it. The seller says the phone he is selling is an ". . .  Antique/Vintage Bakelite A rare series with carry handle Black Rotary Phone, as in pictures. Condition- Rare - untested dont have a land line ( was working last time used, 20 years ago been in storage) Unsure if it works as it's analogue but great for a collector of vintage Telephony or Bakelite as in picture very clean apart for a few little chip as espected for it age" ( dead link 02-15-21 )

This is the one and only photo posted for this $183 US plus $62 shipping phone from Australia. Maybe more will be posted over time. Seems to be a photo and not a mirror reflection.


She is damaged:

"Condition: As in picture very clean apart for a few little chip as expected for it age"

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