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Is there a "Getting Started with ExpressNET" thread?

Started by lkc2273, April 19, 2022, 11:53:07 AM

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So I have:
1) ExpressNet running off thumdrive image on an old laptop
2) External US Robotics Modem
3) Line Simulator
4) A Protel 7000 phone, and a Protel 8000 phone.

I've gotten this far based on reading threads.
I've also gotten the Protel 7000 to accept a program from a dialup ExpressNet server that a kind user set up here.

However, when I go into ExpressNet, I don't think I have the requisite vocabulary to make sense of things.
I just want to set up the phones to charge $.25 for any outgoing call.

Is there a "Getting Started" thread for ExpressNet somewhere?  I've searched but not seen one.

Thanks in advance!!



Welcome to CRPF, a friendly place to visit for all things telephone with many lifetimes worth of knowledge and experience.

CRPF has a handy Advanced Search button next to the 'Home' button, above, and a quick search - located top right of page.  :)

Protel ExpressNet Manual:
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Thanks, that manual is a huge step.  I'll RTFM and see if that gets me closer.