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Is this reciever WE?

Started by Kenton K, July 17, 2016, 03:04:53 PM

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Kenton K

Is this receiver WE? I looks different than the ones I own. It feels thicker, and there is a grommet at the tip. The one on the left I believe to be WE. I'm not sure about the right one.


It certain does look like a Western receiver, and the patent dates I can make out, are correct insofar as W.E.'s registered patents.    There is a collector in the U.S. who goes by the handle of "Phone Man Dave".      Here is a link to his web site, and in particular, his page dealing with type 143 receivers.     It provides a good picture of the various patent arrangements placed on the tops of the receiver shell.    Have a look and compare yours to what he has displayed.     I think you'll find yours to be a genuine receiver shell.

Link  :

Jeff Lamb

Kenton K

Cool! Great pictures. And I've never had caps that have had lettering either. Cool!


It is a WE receiver but made of composition (similar to 78 records) instead of hard rubber