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SA 28: Samson Intra-House Candlestick Telephone (circa 1890's) - Ended 05-16-21

Started by TelePlay, May 11, 2021, 02:44:19 PM

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New and not so new forum members are very welcome and encouraged to take a guess. There are no wrong guesses, just one lucky guess. No one knows the winning bid on any auction until it ends. However, it is important to get your guess in before someone else grabs your guess.

New guesses must be at least $10.00 away from any prior guess.

Everyone is entitled to one (1) guess revision as long as it is posted in a reply at least 24 hours prior to the eBay auction ending.

Seller Description:  "If you're an uncompromising collector of antique technology, make sure to check out all my listings after you look at this one. I don't think you'll find a better, broader or more balanced assortment of technical antiques anywhere -- hundreds of no-reserve auctions each year, almost all of them featuring eye-popping "gee whiz" gadgetry in exceptional original condition. And don't forget, you can click this link to quickly add and then save me to your favorite seller list and Ebay will automatically send you updates when I put similar new auctions online.

This week I bring you the second installment of items recently removed from what can best be described as a Victorian House of Wonders, a 19th century home in the Midwest crammed with all manner of musical, mechanical, optical and electro-magnetic gadgetry, some of it dating back to the American Civil War (or earlier). Many of these antiques have not seen the light of day in decades, and I'm pleased to be able to bring them to a wider audience.

Here's an uncommon turn-of-the-century Samson candlestick house phone. It's a great looking telephone, with a singular profile, and suffice it to say, if you had one of these in your foyer, you didn't work at the local factory, you owned it. Engraved on the top of the phone's base are the various extensions at the Dexter home, where the phone once resided. There's an extension for the garage, an extension for the kitchen, two extensions for the maids, an extension for Mrs. Dexter, an extension for Mr. Dexter, and an extension for Clifford Dexter.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, but as you can see, the phone appears to be complete and correct. The enameled shaft exhibits considerable paint wear, but the underlying metal is in good shape, and the phone has no damage evident anywhere. Receiver and cord appear to be original to the phone, as does the mouthpiece. Nickel plating is original, with some tarnish in areas, but very little pitting and no flaking.

Shipping weight, properly packed, will be about 8 lb."

This is started as a "special rules" no winner contest, the best guesser will not be included in the CRPF Auction Contest Hall of Fame or be counted in the CRPF Contest Standings as a win. This one is just for fun, but the best guesser will take a place in the Special Auction Contest Standings.


$   199.99 - TelePlay  ( 7 )
$   225.00 - FABphones  ( 8 )
$   431.00 - wds  ( 4 )  Winner
$   543.21 - phonium  ( 2 )
$   650.00 - Jim Stettler  ( 6 )
$   889.50 - HarrySmith  ( 1 )
$   950.00 - Pourme  ( 5 )
$   998.00 - Scott  ( 3 )

Early Morning Auction Status

05-09-21     Listed       $        9.95
05-10-21     3 bids       $      29.99
05-11-21     7 bids       $      76.02  (7 bidders, 60 watchers)
05-12-21   11 bids       $    102.50  (9 bidders, 67 watchers)
05-13-21   11 bids       $    102.50  (9 bidders, 69 watchers)
05-14-21   11 bids       $    102.50
05-15-21   11 bids       $    102.50
05-16-21   27 bids       $    475.00   Ended at 6:05:01pm PDT



Thanks for bring back the contests! They are a lot of fun and we may learn something! I missed these.
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