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WE type 21 top box internal details ?

Started by Witty, June 02, 2022, 04:47:02 PM

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I'm working on restoring a WE type 21 top box to its original condition and was wondering if anyone has an original one and can provide a good detailed photo of the internals.

Thanks for any help.


Not sure how many photos I can add but here is a correctly restored Type 21 top box.  It had been converted to a Type 240 and I put it back as it should be. Hope this helps.


Great pics! You can attach up to 6 photos per posting, if you want to show more just create a new answer in the same thread.


Thank you very much for the pictures.
It appears mine is pretty original internally, all parts look the same as yours and all have the same patent dates, including the switch hook stamp. The only difference is my switch hook has loops on the end (like the image I included) instead of the steer horns. Mine is also walnut.
Looks like the only thing missing on mine is the lightning arrester brackets on top, which might be impossible to find. If you could provide a good close up of yours I might be able to fabricate them pretty close. I've included a picture of the top of my unit.
I also found an image in one of the telephone collectors books I have showing the internal layout of the type 21 top box.
Again, thank you very much, it's greatly appreciated!