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P-335648 in a 565BBR-3 box multi line phone

Started by allnumbedup, January 19, 2023, 11:55:39 AM

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I have purchased a very nice 556 which came in the original box. In the box was the glassine type envelope with the part stamp as shown and another small plain manila envelope with these two pieces in them: one is an aluminum ferrule and the over a brass grommet. The phone is marked as shown and also has a refurb vermillion stamp "48 857" which I think goes along with the "R" up by the 565B stamp on the 8/55 date. The box is marked 565BBR-3 which is not the nomenclature I am used to seeing but this is an early multi-key with six round buttons so markings may have evolved quickly and I did find reference to a "BB" being MD at some point in TCI. My bet is that these pieces have something to do with mounting a new ringer during refurb which in this phone is a C4A dated 3-55--- the farthest off from the main dates of 8-55 on most other parts. I think maybe the envelope held a dial center retaining ring for a 6 type dial. any help or suggestions with the model and part number is appreciated. thanks
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