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Odd subset part. Know what it's for? --> Over the top of baseboard moulding subset mount

Started by bingster, November 09, 2008, 09:00:55 PM

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Does anybody know what a 155A subset backing plate is for?  I've seen them attached to subsets before, but I've never been able to figure out their purpose.  The open side of the "half tube" at the bottom of the plate faces the wall, so that you see the outward-curved side in the room.  Any ideas?


These plates went overtop of baseboard moulding.  The "half tube" piece at the top of the baseboard.
Craig Stanowski

Victor Laszlo

To expand a bit on Craig's explanation:  Many apartment houses and businesses had plaster, masonry, or fancy wooden walls. The phone company was careful not to harm a subscriber's premises by drilling into or mounting on these wall surfaces.  Masonry or plaster walls required using wooden or lead anchors, which was a chore.  Baseboards were less critical, but were often very ornate, much larger than we see in today's homes and offices, and generally made of wood, which allowed screws to be used. The bracket was attached to the flat part of the baseboard with the curved part going over the fancy top of the baseboard.  The upper part, where the subset was mounted, would hug the wall.


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It isn't just you, I found a one page version then a 14 page version but I still couldn't find a picture. Then I decided I was going to find it and post the picture since it was so difficult to locate. I am still looking...... (Help)......



Terry, if you click on the link I provided, go to page 6, fig 6, top left corner of page. This BSP has 34 pages.

Fig. 6 actually shows the 156A backboard, which is for the 584A or 684A subset rather than the 534A/634A, but it is used the same way as the 155A.
"C'est pas une restauration, c'est une rénovation."--François Martin.


Ahh, thanks!

Exactly 1000 words later, a picture IS worth 1000 words! Someone let Bingster know that while it took 8 years for his answer, CRPF came through for him! (Topic #274 posted when CRPF was two months old)