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WE 554 White A/B - wiring - GOT IT FIXED!

Started by olderdude60, January 18, 2012, 05:54:44 AM

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HI All - It's me again - I had absolutely NO success in figuring out the wiring on my white WE 554 modular wall phone.   So, I thought I'd try this:  

Could someone who has a 554  take a picture of the 425E Network "topside" wiring?  A picture for me is worth a.......well you know the deal!

Mine stil gets crackling and popping when called from my cell, and no ring.

Thanks all - I appreciate this site immensely!



It's usually difficult to trace wiring from photos, as it's a challenge to see both ends of a wire.

Try looking for the wiring diagram in the TCI Library:

Since a 554 is electrically identical to a 500, you can also use a 500D diagram with 425E network.
Visit:         WE  500  Design_Line



EUREKA! - I finally got the wiring issue cleared up - while examining the phone tonight and comparing it to my 500 desk - I discovered a small cut in the yellow line in wires attached to the modular wall plug on the back of the phone.   I replaced that and it works beautifully - I LOVE THAT W/E TELEPHONE RING!