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300 Series Wiring Diagrams Made Simple

Started by Dennis Markham, April 08, 2009, 11:00:22 PM

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Dennis Markham

Attached are three Adobe pdf files of wiring diagrams I made for the 300 series Western Electric telephones.  The Model 302 H1 mount (101A Induction Coil and two conductor ringer), the Model 304C and for the Model 354 wall telephone.  The 304C and 554 diagrams are for the 101B Induction Coil with a 4 conductor ringer and are virtually identical.

I threw these together quickly so if anyone finds an error or has a problem with one let me know and I'll make a fix.


I have an Ivory 302 that is a non-dialer.  To convert it to a dialer, is it simply a matter of wiring in a dial and hook switch?
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There should be a blank  plate, with a terminal block,  where the dial will go. Just transfer the wires as follows:

Brown-yellow from Y-BK on blank to Y on dial
Black capacitor wire from Y-BK on blank to BK on dial
Black handset wire from Y-BK on blank to BK on dial

Brown-Blue from BB-W on blank to BB on dial
White handset wire from BB-W on blank to W on dial

Slate-red wire from SR on blank to R on dial.

(The photo is of an early apparatus blank. Later ones have the terminals arranged differently but they are equivalent.) Photo was posted here:
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