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Designation code for ATC sets made with WE Internals

Started by RotoTech99, December 03, 2017, 05:20:24 PM

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Dear Forum:

I have noticed that for ATC/Deco-tel sets made for WE that "N" was the code used to indicate sets made with WE components.

If the set was rotary, it would have DN as the first part of the code, if it was tone, it would have TN as the first part of the code.

The label was most likely covered over when WE applied their decals with their information, but the label with the TN or DN code would be where ATC usually placed their model and date code information.

I've seen this on Empress sets, and on the character sets, but I'd say it's a safe guess it appeared on other ATC sets with WE components as well, but was covered over when the WE decals were applied.