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Replacing missing or worn out press in base pads on later model WE Exeter...

Started by RotoTech99, August 05, 2019, 10:24:19 AM

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Dear Forum:

Here's a way to replace the rubber foot pads on WE Exeter or similar WE Design line sets when the original pad is worn out or missing; it works best with the later models that had the soft neoprene feet that press into the hole made for them.

You can take the rubber feet (the round ones from an early AT&T 200 series Trimline, or any other phone that has press in rubber feet), and reuse them to put feet on the Design Line set missing them.

The color of the feet should be a neutral color such as grey, black, or off white; although they won't be paid much attention to, they will look like shop or factory replacement feet, and should complement the set they're used on.

They would have a "skirt" on the end you press in to secure it to hold it in, and should be no larger than the hole the original foot fitted into.

On sets where the foot is held by a rivet, carefully drill out the rivet to remove the old foot, then install a new foot in its place.

There will be a slight difference in height when the phone is sitting on a table, but the difference is negligible, and may improve the sound when it rings.

I've attached some pics of the feet I use; they come mainly from early AT&T 210 & 230 Trimlines I've scrapped out. I also use other rubber feet I've salvaged, but what I have on hand varies.

I've found on chest phones or character phones, it's better to find the smaller, not as "tall" disk shaped feet with a press in ability.

If you must glue the feet to keep them secure, use a glue that will have long term holding strength.

Does anyone else have some tips like this, please, or comments?



I have found that some, not all but some places such as All electronics have from time to time has feet such as you talk about. Buts it kind of hit and miss.
Fair radio also has these from time to time.