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Panasonic No Longer Making Certain PBX's

Started by HarrySmith, January 24, 2020, 02:36:37 PM

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I read on the list this morning that a new law about 911 means some PBX's will no longer be manufactured. Particularly the Panasonic kx-ta824, which we love. I confirmed this with a Panasonic dealer. As of February 16th they will no longer be sold new. I am sure they will be available used on eBay & such but no new one's.

EDIT: I was thinking about picking one up to have as a backup as my Panasonic is pretty old. I am guessing that as February 16th gets closer anybody with new ones in stock will be looking to get rid of them. I think I will wait to see how far the price will drop.
Harry Smith
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