"The phone is a remarkably complex, simple device,
and very rarely ever needs repairs, once you fix them." - Dan/Panther

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Started by TelePlay, August 14, 2011, 10:41:28 AM

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part 16








Your Classic Rotary Phones Forum Application confirmatory/introductory email requested in Step 2 was not received.

Click this link below and complete Step 2.

Or, reply to this email with the following Step 2 information:

|        2a)  Send the email from the email address you stated in the Registration Agreement
|        2b)  Send the email to
|        2c)  Include the "USER NAME" you chose in the Registration Agreement
|        2d)  In your email, state the reason for your interest in the forum or your intended activity

Your application can not be approved until this second step is completed

You application will be left unapproved until the confirmatory/introductory email is received. If not received within 3 days from original application, your application will be rejected.

(You can reapply at anytime in the future if your application is rejected).