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Leich PBX L55 - will not ring out to a phone with a real bell.

Started by, October 15, 2021, 04:32:32 PM

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This is indeed a puzzle. I have not had time to go through all the wiring yet, but suspect a jumper issue???
A few things to try.
with a bell phone plugged into an extension jack, and the right plug from cord set #1 inserted into the matching  extension socket, meter leads across misc block pins 22 & 28.
press right ring button, and read meter.  what is result?

Next, wire together one ext jack Red and Green to a 1/4" audio socket, and plug in the right plug from cord set #1
meter leads still across misc block pins 22 & 28 press right ring button. what is result?

Last, move only the meter leads from pins 22 & 28, to the T & R contacts on the audio jack, press right ring button.
What is result?


So it looks like its the brown jacket 18AWG thermostat wire, and the white and blue are connected to the ring generator.
Looking at your 'solder down' block and then zooming into your wiring diagram in the first post can you confirm
the blue and white are on pins 21 & 24 or whatever it says?
Also how many ohms do you measure between 21 & 25? that should be the resistance lamp.

Basically we need to follow the circuit till we find the open