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Using Heavy duty Velcro for mounting components in phone

Started by RotoTech99, September 05, 2022, 05:35:49 PM

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Dear CRPF:

I've recently learned of a good use for 2" heavy duty Velcro strips with adhesive backing,particularly when doing conversion or adding components...

A 2" strip of Velcro hook and loop tape can hold up to 10 lb. and is good for mounting networks, ringers, polarity guards without drilling holes, and allows for simple removal of a bad part, or changing a component.

It can also be trimmed to meet the size of what's being mounted.

A particular use is a Princess type ringer or B6 style ringer can be mounted with it as is done with some sets that don't have the original ringer available.

Full size PC Board type and miniature networks may also be mounted with it.

For other network types I suggest trying it to see if it fits your need

The velcro tape comes in large rolls so you can cut off what you need.



I have done this to mount AE and ITT Mini Network in 202 base. Makes it easy and need not be exact.
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