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PABX from China

Started by wjh, November 25, 2013, 04:14:16 AM

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Does anyone have experience with the low cost PABXs coming out of China? They seem to do a lot for a very low price, but I don't know if work with pulse dialling. (If you don't know about these search on for 'mini PABX'. I am particularly interested in the SV-308 and CS-416.)


They probably work fine, but I'd be inclined to replace the capacitors before even plugging it in, as the PRC is not known for using decent quality parts when it comes to "cheap & cheerful" devices that tun out to be a bit of a misery!! :o

And that SV308 sounds like a larger version of my SV150 lawnmower engine... :D


I've done some research on these and the functionality of these is poor. The SV series is the low end. I wouldn't bother with these, the ringing frequency is 50 Hertz!


Is that a mains-derived ringing frequency (so 50Hz for most countries, 60Hz for others) or generated within the device itself?


Chances are they don't work with pulse dialing.
NT Northern Telecom


No pulse dialing, you actually need the # to make an intercom call anyway. As for whether the ring frequency is mains derived, I'm not sure. I don't have one, I actually found that information in the manual.


I have an Ericsson Ericofox PABX with plain 50Hz ringing. It works surprisingly enough. Understands both rotary and DTMF.