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AE 40, 47 & 50 Base Code Observations (2017!)

Started by RotoTech99, January 03, 2017, 12:13:37 PM

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More on the Two Letter date codes.

Here is an 80E made or prepared for shipping to fill an order in December 1978. By my calculation 1978 is year "U". This phone is 100% consistent with OU coding, O being the 15th "two week period" of the year. Thus the parts were assembled approximately the second half of July. The codes/dates in the bases frequently are several months further ahead in time indicating that the phone base was either date stamped as selected from stock to fill orders OR they may have been date stamped when assembled on the bases with dates tgat were several months into the future as a warranty indication allowing time for the phones to find their way into service. I recall NT PABX Parts being warranty date stamped about 15 months into the future for their 1 year warranty.

They have actually completely maintained consistency here...Bi-Weekly Period then Year on each code including the base date stamp of December then the year 78. And the digits following the date codes indicate a plant/shift/flowline likely forcquality control though I haven't begun trying to decipher that yet.



Here's another example, a Touch Call AE80 from January 1974. Not an 80E, they weren't released until about 1975, this is a relatively hard to find Touch Call 80. All codes are AQ which would be The first part of January 1974.

The Touch Pad has EP70 stamped on it which would be about March of 1973 so it was either replaced at some point OR being an early touchpad for an 80 maybe they had a lot in stock so it was around for quite awhile. The back of the ferrite core on the Touch Pad has 7310 which is likely October 1973 stamped there by a different manufacturer rather than AE.



Here's something from an AE Railroad & substation supply catalog regarding coding on the Type 40 sets...

A Type 40 railroad phone less the ringer is coded N-4069, and the Type 40 with a ringer is coded N-4070.

The circuit label for the less ringer Type 40 is D-53998,
the set with filter circuit label is D-53006, and the with ringer set is D-54999.

I think this might explain other L and N prefixed set's 6 part codes, although determining which codes reflect less ringer, ringer provided might take some effort.

Maybe this will give some more life to the code breaking discussions.