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Automatic Electric Co Type 40, 50, etc Patent Label reference

Started by unbeldi, January 10, 2017, 12:06:11 PM

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I guess I am holding out for D-780504 labels with a D suffix.  For example, D2, D4, D5, D6, D10 and various others with higher numbers.
I have a total of fifty slots to fill with A, B, C, or perhaps D suffices, and so far I have about 20.

A =>  AE 40 and AE 47
B =>  AE 50
C =>  AE 43
D =>  ?????


I made an error in the decal number above, it is D-780575-A13 not -A15.

The AE 44 has:
Cast zinc cased 51A numbers only dial with code JF-7
Large "low impedance" SL ringer.
2 in 1 Condenser coded JF
The Transmitter capsule is an AECo 81 with code NF.
The Receiver capsule is a Type 41 with code NE.

So the two capsules are coded close enough to assume they are original to the handset. Presumably (as we discussed earlier) they started using Transmitter Capsules marked for 80 sets in Type 41 handsets towards the end of production of phones using Type 41 handsets.

Dial and Condenser "Two Letter Codes" match each other "JF"

Back of case has "Two Letter Code" PD-4.

So none of the Two Letter Codes Match up too well though the second letter is D or E or F. The first letters range from J to N to P.



I still go by the rule that the two-letter code should be the same on factory-original sets, whether being type 41 or 81 elements, but that is based on only few observations.
Based on that I would call the handset as being replaced, or perhaps just its elements.

I am curious to find out why that decal has such high number on the suffix.  Were there really 13 versions of this decal also?
Here is that decal number D-780575  with the simple suffix "A", which clearly was created after the move to Northlake.
I hadn't anticipated that Type 44 Monophones were still made that late.   So something is "strange" about the sequence numbering of this type of decal.  Perhaps strangeness is a fundamental property of all AE markings.

[PS: oh, i already showed that decal earlier in this thread. oh well.]


Quote from: unbeldi on January 18, 2017, 10:32:21 PM
Does any one have an AE 40 with a label like this ?
It should be a local battery set without dial and possibly with external magneto generator box.

I cannot be sure of the decal number:   D-780504-A5    Is it A5 or A3 ?

PS: It seems to be  A3 !

Here's one on eBay at the moment:



Here's another AE phone using a "C3" suffix code. I'm not certain what model this it a type 44 or something else? My type 44 has a handset hook that holds the handset sideways to the phone body just like a space saver type 43 does where as this one the handset is held straight on like an AE90. This is quite extensively redone inside...was it possibly a railroad phone initially?