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Soft Plastic 554 Logo Distorted or Mismolded?

Started by allnumbedup, October 10, 2020, 01:11:41 PM

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I won a very clean 554 wall phone on ebay that I just opened. It has a G1 handset, wide statin hook, and older style base and shell without the upper side ribs, as discussed here before:
It is date matching to 5-6/1956 except for a long 1960 cord that has torn vinyl. But I was disappointed to find its Bell Systems logo messed up.  Here it is on ebay: ( dead link 06-05-21 )

Has anyone seen a logo that is a distorted like this on a Bell Systems phone before?--it has a rough texture but the phone does not and I cannot find any stray sand marks either. I would like to keep the shell because it has a nice imprinted matching date and no side ribs either.   Production flaw or damage? Any ideas for fixing it? I have given some thought to router-ing out and replacing with a logo cut out of a donor shell but don't have another shell to donate right now. Could probably make it look better but not readable with sanding/polishing.  Any thoughts will be appreciated...
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Unsure how it became so, but I would leave it as is and put it down to character. I wouldn't cut it up to alter as may well be how it was molded.

Is that a scratch to lower left? That could be sanded out, but again, I would avoid the logo area.

Close up view and listing screenshot of complete phone:
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Yes I agree, theres no way to fix that. It looks like it was done to hide the bell system info that was there.
Very carefully done, but cant fix that.