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US-Canadian design differences: WE-NE 440 series

Started by Babybearjs, September 13, 2020, 05:16:22 AM

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has anyone ever noticed the differences in the bases on the 440-460 series phones? even the 410's are the same. I wrote a thread about ringer issues on one of my sets and finally noticed that the exclusion key was to blame.... I had taken a 445 shell and put it on a NE base. the ringer mounts between the 2 companies are different. the WE uses a drop in mount that just uses 1 set screw whereas the NE sets have a 2 screw mount. this seems to cause issues at times and when the exclusion feature is used on a NE set, it interferes with the ringer.... at least that seems to be the problem with mine. the exclusion assembly seems to touch the armature assembly causing it not operate properly... so, comes the question.... did NE have 445 and 465 sets in there collection.... or was it just WE that used them....? if I'm wrong about this, be sure to mention it to me.. I'm still trying to figure out this puzzle...