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Started by poplar1, October 05, 2021, 10:50:31 PM

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Just saw Cell-to-Jack on Amazon for $34. The new model apparently supports rotary dial phones. Anyone tried it?
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I got a cell-to-jack a few years ago and was not impressed with the sound quality.
I believe the bluetooth chip used in it is not very good.
I tried keeping it very close to my cell phone and still
every conversation I had I ended up having to switch to my cell phone.

I tried it both with my inside wiring connected to several extensions and directly connected to an old phone.
I tried it with several different old phones and several cell phones and could not get the quality to improve much.

If they had an option to eliminate the bluetooth and connect right into the cell phone via USB
and add an option for an external power supply for the phone line
that would vastly improve it.

Jack Aman

I use an X Link BTTN.  Works great.  Can accommodate a landline whether it be POTS or VOIP and three cell phones.  It rings four sets of WE bells in my house (two are silenced so as not to drive my wife crazy) and that is without the "extra ringing power" you can set in the firmware.  Picking up and dialing on any of the six old phones I have in use is indistinguishable from POTS.  Outgoing calls can be set to go out over the "landline" if any, or any of the cellphones. The firmware can be set to accommodate foreign dials, slow or sticky dials, whatever.  "Landline" calls (actually cable VOIP) ring with the standard North America ring.  Calls to my cell ring with the British "ring-ring" pattern.  Calls to my wife's cell ring with a custom long-short-long pattern.  All settable in the firmware.  A very slick gadget.


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