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Polane Paint Removal...

Started by compubit, May 16, 2015, 01:49:56 PM

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Picked up a beige Princess phone, and upon looking under the cradle, it was originally red, and painted with Polane...  That stuff is murder to remove...  Using a Ryobi finishing sander, it's taking a while to make a dent in the covering.  I know the answer is patience, but grrrrr....

I'll try the choke/carburetor cleaner to see if this helps. I'm not worried about the case if ruined - the cables look like they had been chewed by a dog. After getting rid of the Polane, if I can't get a decent finish on it, I'll use it for painting practice - maybe make a Purple Princess (thought purple or lavender would be a great color for a Princess - only saw 1 once in the 80s at a kiosk near Washington DC - wish I had bought it now...)

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