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Correct Orientation of Attached Images

Started by TelePlay, January 21, 2021, 10:06:05 PM

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It appears the number of images that display sideways in topics and replies have been increasing over the past few months.

It is the posting member's responsibility to do whatever editing is necessary to correct the image orientation so that it correctly displays on the forum.

This must be done when first posting the topic or reply image because the window to modify one's post (rotate and repost the image) has been greatly narrowed due to the recent discovery of topics and replies being destroyed by posting members.

The topic/reply modification window is more than wide enough to allow sufficient time to rotate and repost an image that has been found to display sideways.

The topic/reply modification window is not wide enough to allow a member to put off modifying a post, to fix the image orientation, at a later point in time.

A topic/rely is modified by clicking on the "Modify" button immediately above and to the right of the post.