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GOOGLE Books rotary telephone search

Started by HELLO CENTRAL, September 07, 2008, 12:23:49 AM

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GOOGLE Books  rotary telephone search

By inserting rotary telephone in the search box, and clicking on more, then books, then full view only,
you may find some nteresting books which you can download  as a PDF.  Be sure full view is on when you return to your search.

Walt S

Mark Stevens

Thanks Walt, some interesting stuff there!  I was looking in particular at the book Automatic Telephony, from 1914.  You know, that book search may seem innocent enough, but I can easily imagine it resulting in an afternoon vanishing... "hey, where did the day go?!"   ;) 


Mark,  ::) I ask myself, where did the year go!  What did I do with all the time I spend on my computer.  So, It's been eight years, and. . . Best, Walt

Jim Stettler

This was the oldest topic in my unread topic list
Topic: GOOGLE Books rotary telephone search  (Read 1732 times)
When I am bored and all the current topics are read, I will click on my old unread list.
I typically will select a random page number. sometimes  I choose month/date. today would be page 413
But instead I went to the oldest post from page 577
My next post is from the same page. It made me chuckle and gave me a smile.
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