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Sad News - Australian Collector Bob Estreich

Started by teka-bb, October 24, 2011, 10:38:36 PM

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I'm afraid I have a bit of sad news to share with you.

Today I learned that the Australian collector Bob Estreich, the owner of, passed away on Friday 14th October 2011.

I have had contact with Bob in the past. We exchanged information and copies of various telephone catalogs.

In my experience Bob was a very generous and friendly person.

Because some of you may have known Bob I thought it would be appropriate to let you know.

There are plans to keep his website going, it's some comfort that Bob's work will live on.

Remco, JKL Museum of Telephony Curator

JKL Museum of Telephony:
TCI Library:


Lots of bad news lately it seems. Sorry to hear this latest bad news.

I was just looking at Bob's web site a few days ago.

Thanks for letting us know Remco.


Dennis Markham

Our condolences to Bob's family and all those that knew him.


That's sad news, indeed.  His site has provided me with a great deal of information over the years.