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What's the Time and Temperature Phone Number in your Area ?

Started by bingster, July 16, 2009, 04:44:57 PM

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Quote from: twocvbloke on August 25, 2013, 01:21:55 AM
From most landline phones, it's 123 to call the Speaking Clock (or "Timeline" as it's officially called), for the weather we just turn the telly on and wait for the news...  :D

The time used to be on 8081. For the weather, well we're in England so we just know it's raining anyway!
Call me on C*net 0246 81 290 from the UK
or (+44) 246 81 290 from the rest of the world.

For telephone videos search Andys Shed on Youtube.


I have found the best way to get the current weather is to look out the window!
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I live in the Chicago Suburbs...Central Time Zone. I call Time and Temp in Hammond Indiana, 219-933-9000. Its an hour off, but it still works.
Andy R...

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F. J.

I know of two time-temperature numbers in Mississippi (both are area code 601):

Jackson      FLeetwood 5-9311
Hattiesburg  KIngswood 5-2841

For the Jackson number, it greets you with an advertisement (lately, it's been for an answering service) followed by, "Hold for time and temp., or press '9'.  The temperature is [temperature] and [rising/falling] on the [date], at [hour]:[minute].  This service is spread by word of mouth.  I love to get calls.  Please tell a friend to call me today.  Forecast for today is . . ."  At the conclusion of the forecast, you'll hear "For weather, press '1' now; for time to the second, press '0'."  Dialling '0' yields, "The temperature is [temperature] and [rising/falling] on the [date].  At the tone, the time will be [hour]:[minute] and [number] seconds . . . . . . . . . . . . BEEP."

The Hattiesburg number is quite a bit less functional.  You're greeted with an advertisement for one of BancorpSouth's banking services, then "The temperature is [temperature] and [rising/falling] on the [date], at [hour]:[minute].  Forecast for today is . . ."  After the forecast, you'll hear, "Thank you for calling.  Good-bye."  and it hangs up on you.  There is no option to hear it again or to hear time to the second.

Personally, I much prefer the Jackson number.  I only call the Hattiesburg number when I'm in south Mississippi, and even then I only call it for the weather and temperature, then call the Jackson number for the time.  The time-to-the-second feature is eminently useful for setting watches and clocks.  I wear vintage timepieces and love to set them by the telephone the way people would have done when they were new.  Also, my mobile 'phone only has the hours and minutes on its clock, no seconds, so I still call the time-temp. number from my mobile 'phone when I'm out and about and notice I need to set my watch because I forgot to wind it, for instance.   

When I explain time-temp. numbers to people who don't know what they are, I tell them that it tells you the time, temperature, and maybe the weather, and it's how people used to set their clocks and watches before the internet and smartphones.  I tell them "It'll say, 'When you hear the tone, it will be exactly six forty-five and one quarter,'" which is actually a line from a 1943 Daffy Duck cartoon called Daffy – The Commando.

* (FLeetwood is one of Jackson's historical exchanges, but I don't know the name for Hattiesburg's 54 exchange (58 is JUniper), so I just picked a name off the list.)


For decades was an Audichron drum with time/temp  sponsored by Merchants National Bank  319-366-7212
Then Gentle Dental.  It died Dec 2019.

Recently was restarted no sponsor and different hardware.

We currenty have KMRY 319-393-0500

Also an asterisk and telephone collector with old time ads:  319-535-8463 Telephone Collectors (.org) Time airport weather info