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WE 556A SWITCHBOARD Attendant's Dial & Mount

Started by Stoneman, October 10, 2016, 06:58:05 PM

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Does anyone know where I can find an Attendants's dial and dial mount for a WE 556A Switchboard?


This is what it looks like.

I think they used a No. 6E dial.
These do show up on eBay occasionally, and sometimes I have seen entire units, dial and mounting.


Does it take the same dial mounting as the 555A?

The 555A has a 6044C-3  6044-type dial mounting, This assembly includes the following:
44C-3 44-type dial mounting
D5AJ cord
25C Connecting Block
59B dial adapter

Used with a 6-type dial
per BSP 501-160-100-i9
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I think so.   Or is it a 6044B ?  I think the C suffix had 6A dial.
PS: On the other hand if the 555A had a 6A dial, perhaps so the 556A ?
But the picture appears to show an angled/twisted finger stop, which the 6A did not have.

Doug Rose

I thought the switchboard dials were Fs. I have a 5F and a 6F and a 5L. All have a switchboard type finger stops. All are for sale. PM me with an offer for one or all three.  They spin faster than a 5H or 6A dial....Doug


The #6F dial is also a switchboard dial, indeed, but it runs at 20 PPS, so it would only be installed in those exchange areas that supported it.
The 6E is a 10 PPS dial.