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1A1 Matrix Blocks usage discussion

Started by RB, April 18, 2019, 09:11:23 AM

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( Discussion thread split off from Wanted Classified )

Interesting layout.

I imagine you use that to accommodate 6 lines?

I wonder if that is equal to the L1 to L1 to L1 etc... practice of joining multiple lines into 1 on a 66 block?

Never seen one like that before.


Why do you want those? Are you setting up signalling?
Years back in a larger home I wanted to try those for signalling on my 1A2 but nobody had any. Plus when I got several responses about using them, I decided against it.


Looking to set these up as ringer switches. where the diode would normally go, I'm going to put a switch across it. this way I can select which ringer is on which line...  I have 10 extensions... if I go back to having the bells connected to the RR and RT terminals in the phones, then I can control which line will ring the extension, and have the option to change it at any time. this way, I can take the cut-off switches off the individual phones... this Idea is still on the drawing board, as it were.