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This years Project

Started by Babybearjs, March 07, 2019, 08:53:23 PM

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 :D well... as things go... I'm at it again... never satisfied with how thing are setup.... always in a rush to finish a project... and it shows... anyway... after looking at my setup, I've decided to completely re-do my telephone closet... I want to take down the existing backboard, replace it with 3/4" plywood and go from edge to edge.. after doing some research, I found that the normal back boards for a phone system is suppose to be 3/4" and that there should be plenty of room for growth! enclosed are some pictures of the closet as it is now. I removed the carpet that was in it last night as I was getting tire of kneeling down to work on something and feeling the tack strip on my knees... (ouch!) Plus I need to cleanup my wiring as I have found a good source for 25 pair CAT 3 telco wire... SF Cable. A full 1000 foot spool is about $537 and the CAT 5e is $722. they are based out of the SF bay area and I just bought a U1 bracket for my 24 port switch and the price was really good. enclosed are the pictures of what I have...


Those spools aren't doing much are they... Looks like a nightmare brewing. I've seen way worse for rats nests you need some cable tags and cable ties to neaten up your closet. And you don't need cat 5 for what you're doing, save a couple hundo and go with cat 3. 20 years ag I got a thousand feet for my church project, used several hundred feet, and that cost 6+ hundred bucks then. So I'm surprised it's actually gone down.
Grab a blank sheet of paper and sit down with a pencil and lay out your system. I used to do my system every year or so, until I realized I was not only wasting time, but money too doing and redoing all the time. You know where your wires come in, where they go etc. Lay it out so it's easy to follow, so when it comes to troubleshoot it's easier because it's organized. You can get some cable tags and write the designation on those so you don't have to trace, guess etc.
I did that with my last system and it was so much easier than anything I have done before. I learned that from an it tech friend who does this all day everyday. It works, and trouble shooting was so much easier than the old way.
I used to write on blocks with super fine sharpies, and sometimes still do. But those strips that clip onto the blocks are great, more room to write, neater looking etc.
So plan plan plan then when you get it done, your done.
And do home runs, and allow slack for changes!
No more splice splice, screw. Point A to point B done.
Use those spools, shrooms what ever and let those help you with cross connect wires like they are supposed to..
Good luck.


based on what my needs are.... I'm going with Cat 3 and then Cat 5e just for the Ethernet. Its frustrating, I have 1000Gbps from the modem, but my switches are all 100Mbs. so they have to be upgraded as well... this project plus my shed should keep me busy all summer long....providing the money is there. why life has to get in the way sometimes is beyond me. Right now, I have to finish paying off the hospital, that's 150.00 plus taking the dog in for surgery. along with the unexpected... which always seems to spoil things... had I been able to buy the 25 pair years ago, this project would probably already been done... so much for planning! wish me luck! (the phone bill has finally stabilized... its now holding at $116/mo.)


Lookin at your setup, if you are using the Ethernet part for your computer, cable box, etc.
You are correct about the switches needing to be gig to maintain the gig flow available for any node on the network.
Now the catch...if the device you plug into a gig port is not a gig also, the switch will downshift to 100 meg anyway.
And, most devices were not gig, maybe more are now, but I am old.
Also, cat 5E cable will carry a gig...IF... it is terminated correctly. :)
If your existing house wiring is already Cat 5E, a new switch should be all you need...for that part.
I have to agree on the phone side, coming up from the floor, the bundles should split, and rout up to the 66 blocks.
will look much nicer, and, do once, and done. unless you make additions.


yeh, I was thinking about just buying a whole roll of 25 pair Cat 5e. but I have the telephone and Ethernet in 2 different areas. my thinking is to take out the sheetrock to 69" high, replace that area with 3/4" plywood and then be able to remount everything.
Right now I'm running power to everything with a power strip plugged into an outlet in the room this closet is in. I have power in the floor for the heat tape for the main water supply and was thinking about tying in to it and add an wall outlet in the closet for everything...  I'm also looking into add strip lighting as the light source right now is extremely poor. I'm thinking to try some T5 strips or LED.. that should brighten things up... wish me luck! I'll post pictures as work progresses... IF it progresses... my shed it first priority right now....


I'd go with LED it's brighter than T5 and cheaper to run.
Good lighting is important for your system closet because you want to clearly see the color coded. I think I would just go over the rock with the ply wood. That's over kill to go to studs just to put up plywood. If your going to do an outlet do that first then cut out for the outlet in the wood.
Run your lighting higher than the system on the opposite wall so you're lighting your area better.

And yes on the cat5 just for computers, and just 3 for your phone's. Eliminate the splices completely, and protect that wire  in outdoor runs. Get some cheap polyethylene pipe to run wire through when under ground or in sunlight.
Sheathing breaks down in the UV of the sun.


well, running the wire is no problem... Have a manufactured home, I just run the wire up against the underside of the trailer... I had gotten a box of cable nails and nailed then along the inside edge of the house on both sides... I can attach the cabling to those with ties and keep everything off the ground. it just takes a whole lot of work doing it... the pictures I've posted on other threads show me having up to 4 Cat5e cables for each location. last year I had gotten good pricing on multiple colored cabling... and redid my system so things were color coded... it works for now, but I want it cleaner... the 25 pair was the original plan but money and pricing kept me from investing in a roll... now that's about to change... once I get my shed insulated and the walls done, I can focus my attention on the phone system again... (again!) and get this damned project done right... I'm half way there... at least I have home runs now!