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FINALLY! its up and running...

Started by Babybearjs, March 21, 2020, 09:05:59 AM

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well, after fighting with this system for the past few months.... I fanally got the 208 array in and working... had to check and verify all the wiring and cross connects.... discovered that I was missing a vital connection... got that fixed... had to figure out why the station lamps weren't flashing.... discovered I had the lights tied into my PF realy contacts instead of the FB contacts, got those corrected... was able to finally do the 208 cut-in.... (if thats the right term) added the neccessary cross-connects and got all 9 stations working and the lamp flash is working the way its suppose to... all the buzzers are back online so now the system is back up and running so if I ever need it, its working.... just have to add in my 549 key wiring so If I ever get stuck in bed again like I did this last fall.... I'll be able to signal for help.... providing someone is also in the home... (domestic partner, etc.) you never know when this type of system comes in handy.... but, at least I have it and it works!


Nice setup! Looks like a lot of work. Congrats on getting it up & running.
Harry Smith
ATCA 4434

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Doug Rose

John....I am an old phoneman, worked in the industry my entire life. I have maintained many switch rooms and was proud of them. I tightened  the cross wire field every Friday. Any tech could come in and see exactly what went where.

You should tighten up your crosswire field. Have all crosswire the same length with the same service loop and use the spools at the top of each row for the crosswire to loop over. Every 66 block should be level with the same distance from each other..

Crosswire everywhere is a disaster waiting to happen. Nice even crosswire is an easy pull and you do not pull off crosswire you did not want to pull. Worse loosen a connection to give you a light show and spend hours trying to find it.

Treat your switch room the same as you would your collection. Display it perfectly.

Just my humble opinion...Doug


I hear you doug! I have 2 cross connects that keep opening.... I guess its a bad punch. it feeds power to my autodialer at my 2nd. station... frustrating! anyway, I am working on getting all my wiring in place properly. just trying to get it up and running was a challenge! now I have to get the alarm cabinet reconnected... pulled a bunch of CC off and have to reistblish those connections. lost my excel spreadsheet to the wiring layout. so, having to redo that! it will be nice to have this whole project done... still have to connect my 211KTU to power and use the relay contact for something... just another extra piece of equipment that can be used.... but for what right now, I'm not sure... bells, buzzers and lights.... which to use and how....


All this reminds me of all the mistakes I made wiring my first key system in my house. I must have changed it 7 or 8 times inside of a year.
Then I read the manual on wiring the key system, and took 25% of that and the other 75% was my idea of what I wanted in my wiring scheme.
I used a short wire from blue/white to wrap the station 1 wires. Station 2 was orange/white, and so on for all my stations. Just looped and twisted to denote the station leads.
It made it easier to find the group of wires associated with each station. That way if I had a problem with say station 2, I found the group with orange/white and checked the wires on the blocks. Was far easier than trying to dig through all those wires and find witch was the problem wire.
Then I figured I'd I used a B block, first pins were station one, second 2 and so on. That made it much easier to locate problems.
Just a couple ideas that might help you with your system. Organization is key to being able to find issues that come up.
And even though one time everything was done, working fine a month later I had strafe problems with one station.
And the way I wired everything, I could isolate the problem in just a few minutes.


Ken, I here what you are saying. this project has been in the works as long as I've owned this home. now, I've finally got the 25 pair cabling in the way its suppose to be.... the key system in and wired right, and plenty of room for expansion... I just got the indicator lights back up and on.... the switchboard ringer on again... and with this revamp, I moved all the ringer cut-off switches from on the individual phones to the closet. with the addition of the 208 array, it pretty much completes the intercom system, as this was suppose to be in the system in the first place... the hardest part was trying to understand the wiring of the 208's. 3 banks of relays and they all have common wiring as well as individual station wiring. it was frustrating trying to understand the theory of the units. it would have been alot easier if they had designed the 208 like a 212... 1 unit, 3 sections. but, thats how they did stuff back in the 50's and 60's... but, thank God they made stuff to last!  I really appreciate all your help. you and the other guys who understand this stuff better then me... I bet you would have had this thing in and running within hours, inlike me... who took forever to get it working! Thank you for all you help! and to everyone out there.... THANK YOU!

Hill Haven Telephone Company

That looks pretty wicked.  Great Job :)  cant wait to get my system finished. 


well guys and gals! we are ending this year with good success on re-energizing my #208 KTU array. we added 3 #66 Blocks to the mix and wired in the #211 KTU only to discover it has to be OFFLINE in order for the #207 to work right... even though it is powered up and working, the "A" battery os off to the unit unless I want to demo it. I also bought some more 24BSP LED lamps from and got some color added to my alarm panel. I'm just finishing up reconnecting the buzzer circuits on the individual stations and then the system will be fully operational. I'm even looking at adding in the security system into the mix if I can add that to the system. My GE Simon interface will run off the 10 volt circuit and the door and window sensors are wireless. (though it can be wired if need be.) hope you like the pictures....