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Code-A-Phone 700 list 1 - a few questions

Started by Xymox, August 16, 2022, 12:06:20 PM

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I have a almost fully working 700 ( KS-19241 L1) I am going to put back into full time use. I am restoring it and making it as new as possible again. It has bad caps, c12 ( main power supply can ) is getting hot and a sure sign it needs replacing. I am going to replace all the electrolytics as one of the tubular caps on the amp board is also toast.

I have now identified a operational issue I need to address t make it fully useful for me. This was way before you could get answering machines that could count rings and answer after say 4 rings. This answers on the first ring. This is 1970. It does however have a extensive interface set of terminals and terminals 1 and 2 when momentarily shorted will cause it to answer. I can disable its auto answer. SO what I am wondering is if anyone here knows of a circuit, or board, I could get that can count rings and produce a contact closure or a pulse ? I could then work this into the unit.

I would also be interested in some NOS tape of the WE specified type. 3M 591. While mine all works fine, I would love to put new tape on its outgoing ( deck A ) and incoming ( deck B ) cart.

Does anyone here have any experience working on these ?


OMG! I have not even seen  pics of one of these in many years. I used to dumpster dive at Ford Industries on SE Johnson Creek Rd in Portland where they used to fix these things

This one also even says "Ford Industries Portland, OR" . OMG!

I remember mostly "SC" parts though this one says "WE"

Ome of those units was a lot to carry on my bicycle and I had a big hill on the way home.
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