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Bulgarian T-TAb 4 Rotary Phone - circa 1960

Started by TelePlay, June 28, 2018, 01:03:49 PM

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Seems all original except for the dial which appears to have been replaced post 1980. The phone has a Bakelite housing, handset and internal circuit board.

First diagram created by dsk from other diagrams given to him.

Third diagram shows wiring colors.

Phone information provided by Haf:  Bulgarian model T-TAb 4 built by "Voroshilov"  in Sofia, Bulgaria

Thanks to dsk and Haf for their help identifying this phone, drawing the diagram and helping me to get it to work.


Cleaned and restored to working.


Harry Smith
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That is a fine looking phone!....Good job  :)

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Glad you got it working! A pretty special design.



Quote from: dsk on June 29, 2018, 11:51:55 AM
Glad you got it working! A pretty special design.

Yes, it does, and because of that, I've decided to keep this phone. The lack of a hand hold makes it difficult to pick up and move but the lack of a hand hold give the back and top very nice design lines.

Here are the profiles for anyone not familiar with this somewhat rare or at least hard to find phone.

Doug Rose

John...that is one sharp looking Telephone! With your great attention to detail, it came out looking like it just rolled out of the's a beauty!.....Doug



What a good looking phone, John! As beautiful as that black phone is (I love how the light follows every curve.) I wonder if they were made in colors?

Great lighting and pictures also.....

Definitely a keeper!


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