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Read this BEFORE posting any type of Classified Ads

Started by Mark Stevens, September 07, 2008, 09:46:04 AM

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Mark Stevens

Read This Before Posting Any Classified Ads

The classified area is intended for use by forum members who want to sell, trade, give away or want an item through the forum to another member. We will actively monitor new posts in Classified Boards for such use and compliance with the Classified Requirements and Restrictions.

The purpose of the Classified Boards is Member to Member interactions/transactions. Anything posted in a Classified Ad that is linked to or found to be on another sale site such as eBay, Craigslist, ETSY or whatever will be a violation of Board and the item will be moved to Auction Talk (the Forum Board created to describe, make note of or identify items for sale on those sites).

In addition, items posted that are being sold from production (can be bought in quantities of 1 or more at any time) or can be produced upon request (unlimited item reproduction) will be moved to either Auction Talk or, if the vendor is proven to be a reliable manufacturer of the item, moved to Vendor Services.

When posting an item in this board, there are 4 Child Boards under Classifieds:

1) For Sale – which is for - Items for sale, one item per topic is suggested
2) Wanted – which is for - Items wanted, one item per topic is suggested
3) For Trade - which is for – Items up for trade, one item per topic is suggested
4) Free to a Good Home - which is for - Items to be given away, one item per topic is suggested

When posting an item,

     it is REQUIRED that the topic "title" start with the nature of your posting

so that when the post shows up in another member's list of "unread posts since last visit," the item the post shows up in a members list of "unread posts since last visit," the item is clearly stated as For Sale, Wanted, For Trade or Free to a Good Home. This is to the benefit of the person creating the Classified listing. For example

For Salea nice telephone is being offered for sale
Wanteda telephone part is needed
For Trade – a this-for-that exchange is offered
Free to a Good Homeit's yours if you want it, PM me

Please Note: Member to member desired interactions MUST be posted in the appropriate Child Board – DO NOT POST THEM IN THE GENERAL "CLASSIFIEDS" BOARD

It is also important to create a separate topic for each item you have in of the boards. Have 3 items? Then create 3 topics. Same applies to all 4 Child Boards. Multiple items in one topic becomes a real headache to manage since members can no longer edit their posts that are more than 7 days old so a listing with more than one item requires a member to ask a Global Moderator to use their precious time to edit their listings – just common sense and courtesy to do one item per topic. There can be exceptions, multiple items per listing, but please find a Global Moderator willing to help you update your multiple item listing as item sell.

Finally, when your classified listing is complete (sold, found, traded or shipped to its new home), it is essential to reply one last time saying the item is gone, the classified listing is no longer active. This will allow a Global Moderator to move the topic to the "Old Classifieds" boards. This will not only let members know it is gone or found but will also allow the Moderators to keep the Classified Boards filled with only active listings.

Thank you, and enjoy!

                  The CRPF Moderators!



Please read the first topic, especially the part about starting a topic title with FOR SALE, WANTED, FOR TRADE or FREE TO A GOOD HOME. Topic title examples:

For Sale:  item for sale
Wanted:  item wanted
For Trade:  item for trade
Free to a Good Home:  item to be given away

It may seem like a trivial request to some members but it is very important to state the nature of the post with those word so that members who scan (and don't read every topic or look to see in which board they have been posted) titles see the item as something up for discussion or bragging rights and not For Sale, Wanted or For Trade.

If you want to sell something, trade something or need something, it is to your advantage to create the topic with the best title possible. And, yes, I am getting a bit weary of having to add those words to titles to help members out so give the moderators a hand here and do it right for yourself. And, yes, after I have added those words to a title for a member, the item is sometimes gone in a day or two after sitting there with the wrong title for weeks.

Try it, it works.