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Auction 355: Gray 34-A10 2 Piece Paystation - Ended 11-26-18

Started by TelePlay, November 13, 2018, 08:06:50 AM

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It has been relisted

Canadian eBay link:

US eBay Listing link:

Payphone installer

34A8 is two piece model with open coin return.
34A9 is handset model with open coin return.
Both these phones are prepay phones which means they required a coin to call and also had the ability to collect and return coins.

34A10 was a post pay two piece model with a stand up coin return.
34A11 was the same phone in handset model.
Both these phones had a relay that only had a trigger to detect the coin deposit and open transmitter.
The Strowger 750 was also a post pay set like the two above.

Payphone installer

The phone on eBay is a 34A8 with a post pay relay which is wrong and a 34A10 code plate. However it is a very rare piece. A 34A10 code plate is impossible to find. Any black two coil bent magnet relay is very rare. The relay is a postpay. It is a very rare phone and I would not hesitate fo one minute to spend 1500.00 for this phone.

Payphone installer

Relay is correct on this phone coin return is what's wrong.

Payphone installer


Payphone installer

Gray 75-C

Payphone installer


Payphone installer

After looking at this longer I have noticed something more that causes me to change my opinion,I would say that this is a true 34A10 but as it would have looked like in the 1950's not 1935. What caused me to change my mind is the Gray bottom with the Hartford Conn. on it. This bottom came out much later. There is also a tag in the phone dated in the 1950's. When looking at payphones it is important to always try and determine the timeline of the phone. What that means is a 150G 1942 for instance was not the same parts wise as a 150g in 1951. Many things were upgraded. So in the case of this 34A10 the bottom was the open bottom because the Strowger roll out coin return was elimated as they were problematic. The phone was also probably sold to a independent which would also result in the open coin return. This is a really rare really interesting piece. All of these things consider is what make payphone collecting so interesting. The longer you look and study the more you see.

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That looks like a really nice book, an interesting read. Lovely condition too.   :)

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what the bidding reached before the auction was ended early by the seller?

Am also a bit confused by the key situation, maybe I read too fast - how did it get opened? Did any key eventually fit?
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Quote from: FABphones on November 20, 2018, 11:14:51 AM
Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what the bidding reached before the auction was ended early by the seller?

It's still in the first post of the auction contest, and copied here


Early Morning Auction Status

11-11-18      Listed     $     49.95
11-12-18      2 bids     $     66.00   ( 2 )
11-13-18      9 bids     $   170.00   ( 6 bidders & 47 - #2 )
11-14-18    19 bids     $   255.00   ( 9 bidders & 57 - #3 )
11-15-18    20 bids     $   285.00   ( 10 bidders & 66 - #2 )
11-16-18    25 bids     $   395.00   ( 11 bidders & 71 - #2 )
11-17-18    25 bids     $   395.00   ( 11 bidders & 76 - #2 )

Auction ended by seller 1 day before it would have normally ended.